Wine Fridges: Single Zone or Dual Zone?

For centuries, wine lovers and connoisseurs used the once-traditional basement wine cellar. Nowadays, wine collecting has caught on as a popular hobby and wine lovers have realized that it does not require a large sum of cash to start or even maintain their collection. With few people having subterranean cellars and most wine consumers having inadequate storage facilities, it makes perfect sense to opt for a wine fridge.

With wine being perishable, the right conditions (which are dark, cellar-like storage space with consistent temperatures and consistent humidity levels of between 60% – 70%) are essential for keeping your wine stored properly. It is especially important when storing fine wine, as how it is stored can have a direct impact on its final flavor, color and character.

Therefore, if you are even remotely serious about your wine, storing it on a traditional rack at average household temperatures and full of both heat and sunlight is an ill-advised move.

A wine fridge is the best alternative for safely storing your wines as this is a larger refrigerator style unit that can store dozens even hundreds of bottles at selected temperatures with a 5°-22° temperate range & 65% humidity as opposed to the ordinary fridge which is not made to replicate the conditions of a cellar.

Also known as a wine cooler or wine chiller, wine fridges are useful for those who do not own a cellar, as these can replicate the ideal wine storage temperature and humidity conditions. The temperatures of regular refrigerators are too cold and dry, plus odors from food may impart off-flavors.

Most units also enable you to select their ideal temperature of wine and some units are even controlled by a thermostat.

There is also another useful feature of lockable doors that can keep expensive wines safe from guests accidentally opening them or children getting into them.

Wine fridges also come in two types, one with a novel option of being able to control two separate areas for different wines.

The Single Zone Wine Fridge is a type of wine refrigerator that only has one temperature unit compartment that can control the entire environment for one set temperature. This type of chiller fridge also has controlled environment for optimal conditions of light, temperature, humidity, storage positioning of bottles, with no vibration.

On the other hand, a Dual Zone Wine Fridge has two temperature compartments which enable you to store both red and white wines at different temperatures through the use of the 2 individual compartments that you can set to different temperature levels.

Varying temperatures are required for aging, as opposed to frequent entertaining. Therefore, whether you are a big white or red wine drinker, or plan to store your wine for aging or entertaining, then a dual zone unit with individual temperature capabilities is right up your alley.

Whether you choose a dual zone or a single zone wine fridge will depend on your specific requirements. However, either way, these refrigerators are a space effective, aesthetically pleasing and affordable way to store your valued wines.

Vintage Wines From Spain, Portugal and Chile

According to every wine retailer, there is a huge demand for vintage wines in the market, even though these beverages are slightly more expensive than others.

In areas that experience cold climes, vintage wines are considered extremely important because of the very noticeable difference in sugar content of the grapes grown in vintage and regular years. There are various wines produced across the world that fall into this category, with Spain, Chile and Portugal providing three excellent varietals.

Leading stores offer their customers the Can Rafols Dels Caus Penedes Caus Lubis 750ml 1998, which exudes elegance from the core. This still wine is a produced from Tempranillo grapes in the Penedes, Cataluna region of Spain, one of the premium wine-making nations of the world. This beverage is well known for its dark red hue, complex bouquet that emanates the fragrances of red & dark berries, dried flowers and smoky minerals.

Those who buy wine from reputed stores praise its flavors of redcurrants & blackberries, as well as silky tannins and notes of sour cherry skin. It is well known for possessing optimum balance, purity, persistence and a strong finish that reminds the drinkers of dark cherries.

For those who wish to buy vintages wine online, the Churchill Oporto Vintage Port Quinta da Agua Alta 750ml 1998 comes to them as an excellent option. It is a blended still, fortified wine that is produced in the world famous Port region of Portugal, a fine wine making country.

It is a juicy beverage that is almost black in color, and possesses a wealth of aromas of prunes and wet earth. This beverage is full-bodied and has soft tannins, along with flavors of sweet fruit and an exquisite finish. Only 1500 cases of this alcoholic drink were made, but those who regularly buy wine online would know where to get it at the cheapest rates.

Any major wine store located in U.S.A. would stock the Concha Y Toro Cabernet Sauvignon Don Melchor Puente Alto 1.50L 1998. It is a Chilean offering that is made in the Maipo sub-region of Valle Central from the scrumptious cabernet sauvignon grape.

It has comprehensive aromas of various elements, such as fresh, ripe fruits & berries, tobacco, coffee, chocolate and vanilla. Each & every prominent wine retailer based in the country appreciates its matured tannins and the elegant & long lasting finish, both of which are representatives of the harmony and balance this wine possesses.

Wine Making at Home – Tips and Techniques That You Might Find Useful

Wine making at home can be a fun and profitable hobby and of course, if you have a good number of fruit trees and grape vines at home and you have more than enough harvest for eating, you may want to make some of the harvests into wines. Although there are now modern ways and techniques in wine making, you can actually make your own wine with simple equipments at home.

Choosing good grapes

If you want to make good wine, you must start with a good variety of grapes. There are varieties of grapes that are ideal for wines and if you want to make good wines in the first place, then you can choose to plant those varieties great for wine making. Merlot and cabernet for example are among those popular varieties for this purpose.


One of the most important processes in making wines that you have to learn if you want to make wines in your own home is the fermentation process. This process also uses yeast to make it a success.

During fermentation, and in all processes in your wine making, it is important that you practice cleanliness and good sanitation. This will avoid your wine from spoiling.

Another tip that you can keep in mind as well in your fermentation is not to use wild yeast for the process as this can spoil everything. Separate the pulp from the juice and continue with the fermentation. Make sure that the temperature is at around 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit for the fermentation.

Bottling, storing and aging

Aside from fermentation, you also have to learn how to bottle your wine, store it and allow it to age. Long storage makes a great wine, thus you have to make sure that you also do this process correctly. Although simple, it is important that you learn from experts or from those who have been into wine making at home for years already.

Your wine will not taste that good after fermentation, thus you have to do some storing to allow it to age and allow the different ingredients to blend well and interact with each other – only then that you can achieve the best taste that you want for your homemade wines.

Good hygiene and sanitation is another aspect of wine making that you have to keep in mind and properly observe as well. A little contamination can spoil your wine and can be frustrating if all of your wines have gone spoiled. You have to sterilize all your equipment and utensils in your wine making. You can put it into boiling water to make sure that everything is sterilized.

To prepare yourself in wine making at home, also make sure that you have the necessary equipment to start with. You don’t have to have those modern state-of-the art and expensive equipment as you can actually make wine in your own kitchen with simple equipments.

You may just need some buckets, a mesh sheet or strainer, bottles with cork, funnel, fermenting vessel for the fermentation process, aluminum pan for boiling. You an always find a complete list of materials if you can grab a good manual or guide about wine making at home.